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KL 242

Modular mattress panel production unit (make-to-order production)
Matratzen / Mattresses


With the KL 242, different to the KL 244, the cross seam is sewn first. This setup reduces waste when changing sizes or models and makes the machine the ideal production system for make-to-order production.

4-needle cross sewing station to cut to length and simultaneously seam of mattress plate

  • 4-needle double chainstitch sewing tools as well as needle and top feed with mechanically separated and electronically synchronized needle and looper drive by means of servo motors
  • Needle gauges : 6/6/6 mm
  • The sewing drive is electronically synchronized with cross transport during the sewing and cutting process
  • Thread monitor device
  • Steel bridge structure to accommodate the cross sewing head
  • Linear guide systems with toothed belt drive for transverse travel of the mechanically separated cross sewing head
  • Liftable cross sewing head with center knife and warp thread separating device
  • Liftable material clamping device on the left and right of the cross sewing head for fixing the quilting material during the cross sewing and cutting process
  • Circular knife cutting system for separating the mattress panels directly behind the cross sewing machine
  • Line laser for marking the subsequent cut edge by projecting a laser line in front of the cross sewing machine

Side seam sewing station behind the cross sewing unit for lateral, double-sided fusing of the quilted fabric and simultaneous trimming of the fabric edges

  • Two side seam double-needle sewing machines, left- and right-handed (needle gauge: 6 mm)
  • 4 thread monitor devices
  • Electromotive adjustment device via touch screen
  • Alternating top feed
  • Spreading rollers in front of the sewing machines, can be lifted out pneumatically
  • Circular knife cutting system with integrated carbide counter knife
  • Material waste chute and conveyor belt for transporting the cutting waste out of the machine
  • Steel construction for holding the side seam sewing heads that can be moved by hand
  • Indication of the sewing head positions by means of laser
  • Speed-controlled sewing drives, synchronized with the material feed by electric motor


Further features/additional equipment

  • Unwinding station for unwinding the quilted fabric from the roll with solid base frame and walkable bridge
  • Adjustment device for side seam sewing machine for manual positioning of the side seam sewing heads
  • Belt transport system for side seam sewing machines for transporting the cut-to-length quilting material along a side seam sewing machine
  • Thread scissors for side seam sewing machines for cutting the warp threads after the side seam sewing process
  • Outfeed conveyor with optical material width measurement for feeding and measuring the width of the quilted fabric
  • Option: Stacker KL 430 further info


Cross seam sewing station:

  • Max. sewing speed: 2,900 s.p.m.
  • Adjustable stitch length: 4 - 8 mm (during sewing process)
  • Max. cross seam width: 2,300 mm

Side seam sewing station:

  • Min. quilt fabric width: 1,400 mm
  • Max. quilt fabric width: 2,300 mm
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