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Mar 25, 2021 "EASY FLEX – Now also available for PFAFF 3588"

EASY FLEX is the new PFAFF concept for easily manufacture your own Pocket-Style Set for machine PFAFF 3588. EASY FLEX enables the customer to create pocket style kits easily (EASY) and flexibly (FLEX). Because of by separating into machine-dependent and customer-dependent parts, a repeatable and exact positioning of the self-made pocket-style kit is possible.

The advantages of Easy Flex:

  • Consistently high quality and maximum output
  • Maximum flexibility due to the simple manufacture on site
  •   (using the PFAFF milling machine or simple tools)
  • Short response times (when changing the style of the pockets)
  • Seam program may be created on the touch panel of the PFAFF 3588
  •    or via the PC/notebook (PFAFF PSP software)
  • After entering a few parameters PSP automatically calculates the pocket shape
  •    and automatically generates a DXF file for the milling machine



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