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KL 970

Modular manufacturing system (sewing) for filter bags
Filtertaschen / Filter pockets


The KL 970 is a high-efficient and full-automatic manufacturing unit for manufacture single filter pockets, e.g. filter pocket cassetts for air filtration.The systems (lightweight construction) have a modular structure and can be configured and implemented individually according to customer requirements (material and application). They are fully PLC controlled and operated via a modern HMI panel.

Unwind stacker/Infeed station

  • Unwind stacker is equipped with roll lifter for up 4 rolls of material
  • Material end control by means of a photocell in connection with a hand sewing machine
  • Infeed station with edge control for an exact and tension-free material feed
  • Edge control – possible for two or four or six layers

Multi-needle sewing station

  • Stitch type 101: Single-thread chainstitch (predestinated for the use on production units)
  • Equipped with up to 12 needles working in parallel
  • Single needle margin: max. 70 mm, max. sewing width 770 mm
  • Stitch length: max. 35 mm
  • Infeed station with material feed for two material layers
  • Thread feeding system to reach the requested stitch loosening between the two material layers (pneumatically adjustable in 3 levels)
  • Stitch loosening: 20 – 60 mm
  • Length of free stitch: up to 100 mm (free programmable)
  • Sewing speed: approx. 400 s.p.m.
  • Further details see: Finishing methods

Hot-melt station

  • Fixing the single thread chainstitch seams and sealing the penetrated needle holes
  • Glue station with 12 heatable application nozzles, individually switchable in 8 glue heads as required
  • Proportional glue supply adjustment (to material and speed) in automatic mode – adjustable on the control panel
  • Width of glue path 8 mm
  • Free programmable hot melt interruption at the point of intersection (at the beginning and at the end of the pocket)
  • Blower unit for fast cooling of the hot glue application
  • To avoid thermal damages to the filter fabric during stop-mode, the glue heads lift is programmed

Side-seam sewing station (with or without tapering)

  • Movable Pegasus 4-thread  double needle overlock sewing machines (left/right) for manufacture of filter pockets with tapered or straight side seam (electro-motorically controlled, corresponding to the speed of the unit)
  • Sewing speed: approx. 6,700 s.p.m.
  • Thread movement monitoring of the 4 threads
  • Synchronization of the material feed and the sewing speed of the sewing machines
  • The side seam sewing machines can be moved sideways in automatic mode (tapered style)
  • The sewing contour (tapered style) is freely programmable and reproducible via parameters
  • Continuous edge trimming (right/left) by the knifes, integrated in the overlock sewing machines (= pocket width)

Cross-seam cutting unit

  • Cutting system HSCS II (servo-motorically driven double cutting blade for all materials)
  • Fabric transport system with coupled filter material downholder device (during the cutting process)
  • Winding station (only in connection with HSCS II) adapted to the cutting unit
  • Cutter outlet unit (for the single- and double bottom station)

Double-bottom sewing station

  • To close the cut to length filter bags at the bottom of the bag with TWO* transfer devices (from the cutting system to the respective bottom seam sewing station)
  • TWO* right-handed Pegasus 4-thread overlock sewing machines with top feed
  • TWO* thread guide control units for 4 threads
  • TWO* transport belt systems for pocket feed through the overlock sewing machines
  • TWO* electropneumatic warp scissors, integrated in overlock sewing machines

    * Each ONE on the single bottom sewing station

Further components

  • Compensator for continuous processing while changing the material
  • Stacking device for manufactured filter pockets
  • Suction device for removal of cutting waste from the overlock machines at the side-seam station and at the bottom-seam station (Option)
  • Ink jet printer for customer specific print during the manufacturing process, printing width 12 or 24 mm (Option)
  • Depending on the processing (double bottom seam, single bottom seam, processing “roll to roll”) the following equipment variants are possible:

Finishing methods in detail:

Continuous production from the roll to the roll

Single bottom seam
Single bottom seam, cut to the desired size of the pocket by the overlock machine of the bottom seam station


  • Multi-needle machine processes with sawtooth principle (only right pockets)
  • Pocket opening max. 100 mm
  • Only a straight sewing contour is possible on side seaming station

Double bottom seam
Double bottom seam, cut to the desired filter pocket size by the overlock machines of the bottom seam station (depending on the orientation of the pocket) to the right or left side of the machine


  • Multi-needle machine processes with wave-form principle (right and left pocket lying opposite)
  • Pocket opening max. 100 mm
  • Side seam with sewing contour “Tapered or straight pocket style”


  • Filter bag length: 300 – 1,000 mm
  • Filter bag width: 300 – 1,000 mm
  • Processable material width: max. 1,050 mm
  • Processable material thickness: 2 x 10 mm (unpressed)
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