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PFAFF 2481 -8/44 PLUSLINE "coming soon"

Intelligent high-speed seamer with sensor-controlled, automatic edge recognition
Polster / Upholstery 	 Auto-Interior / Car InteriorTaschen / BagsLederbekleidung / Leather clothingArbeitsschutzbekleidung / Protective clothing
Flachbettmaschinen / Flat bed machinesUnter- und Nadeltransport / Compound feedHorizontalgreifer, klein / Horizontal hook, smallStichtyp Doppelsteppstich / stitch type lockstitchAnzahl der Nadeln / Number of needlesFadenanzahl / Number of theadsFadenabschneider / Thread trimmerVerrieglungs-Einrichtung / Backtracking systemPressefussautomatik / Automatic presser foot liftFadenklemmeinrichtung / Thead nipper deviceSpulenfadenüberwachung über Sensor / Bobbin thread monitor via SensorFotozellensteuerung / Sensor controlTouchscreen / TouchscreenSD-Card Leser / SD-Card reader001

The sensor-controlled PLUSLINE recognizes the edge and sets a precise corner stitch automatically. It supports the operator’s handling with programmed operating cycles or with automatic sewing stops after the sewing direction has changed. PLUSLINE stands for increased performance with significant relief for the operator thanks to the most modern technology. The machines from the PLUSLINE-Generation guarantee an accurate, reproducible quality with a high output. With this novelty, a PLUSINE for leather goods has been realized for the first time!


  • Seaming designs can be programmed irrespective of size and shape
  • Exact sewing of several parallel seams (seam width and stitch length)
  • 99 seam programs each with 25 seam segments – flexible alteration at any time
  • Simple operation, short training times
  • Quick and accurate sewing of the corner stitch
  • Good output results with high flexibility
  • All standard functions can be activated directly, e.g. start and end backtacks
  • Very simple selection of stored programs for various applications —> illustrated with symbols
  • Constant, exact stitch length
  • Excellent seam appearance
  • Freely programmable stitch lengths
  • Bobbin rest thread monitoring (seams always completed)
  • Different angles and contours on the workpiece can be altered or adjusted easily with the touch-screen control panel
  • Thread nipper for a neat seam start


Sewing speed, max.: 2,800 stitches/min.
Stitch length, max.: 3.5 mm

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