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Seam pattern software PSP of PFAFF Industrial

You´d like to program your own seam patterns with your PFAFF Industrial machine? This is no problem with the PFAFF Industrial software PSP!

What is PSP?

PSP (PFAFF Stitch Program) is a program for creating seam patterns and data transmission.

What can PSP?

  • Free programming of individual seam types with the use of graphic elements such as line, curve, circle, rectangle, square
  • Inserting machine-specific commands (eg speed and stitch length change)
  • Terms of background graphics (bitmaps) to a model for programming specific seam patterns
  • Additional tools for defining the exact seam pattern are the zoom function and a variable raster patterns

Requirements for PSP?

PSP can run on any standard PC or laptop with the possibility of transferring data via a standard SD card (32 MB - 1 GB) via SD slot or USB / SD adapter.Vss: least Windows XP and above, 1 GB of RAM and at least 100MB of disk space.

What do I do to use PSP?

  • You already have the 'software package PSP' (USB dongle, which authorized to use the Software + CD with current PSP software) and the software is installed on your PC. Important: Without a valid authorization from the USB flash drive, the software does not start.If you want to order the software package, please send us an inquiry or contact your local distributor.
  • Use the PC software to create files for seam patterns which are transferred to the sewing machine on a new machine control panels via SD card.
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