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PFAFF 3713

Single-needle postbed sewing machines with unison feed. Ergonomically designed standing workplace for overstitching side seams
Säulen-Nähmaschine / Post bed sewing machineUnter-, alternierender Ober- und Nadeltransport / Unison feedVertikalgreifer, groß / Vertical hook, largeStichtyp Doppelsteppstich / stitch type lockstitchAnzahl der Nadeln / Number of needlesFadenanzahl / Number of theadsFadenabschneider / Thread trimmerVerrieglungs-Einrichtung / Backtracking systemPressefussautomatik / Automatic presser foot liftNähfußhub über Stellrad einstellbar, über Taster abrufbar, mit automatischer Drehzahlbegrenzung / Top feed lift preselctable and recallable by knuckle switch, with automatic speed limitationIntegrierte LED Leuchte / Integrated LED light

The combination of revolutionary design and innovative engineering has led to the development of something quite special, extraordinary – something, which will influence the future of the sewing machine. An impressive example for such a farreaching combination is the POWERLINE 2595 (3713) – a line of machines, which represents a new generation of special high-speed sewing machines with triple feed (bottom, needle and alternating top feed) and vertical hook.

Clear and precise functions with ergonomically arranged control elements are the outstanding features of this series, for which PFAFF won the Interzum Innovations-Award 2007 in the "Best of the Best " category. The machine achieves an equally high stitch quality on top-stitching work in the visible areas and on assembly seams in the non-visible areas – flexibility which knows no boundaries in the automotive and home upholstery sectors. Top sewing results are guaranteed both on fine leather and on heavy upholstery materials. With the largest arm clearance in its class, the machine guarantees excellent handling. Technical features, like the programmable multi-switch or the new “winding assistant” support the working flexibility and make the POWERLINE a multi-feature machine with "excellent benefits".

The fine tension of the surface signalizes power and dynamics. The attractive design, the trend-setting ergonomics and the unique service concept of the Powerline 2595 (3713) mark a revolutionary milestone in the 150 year old history of the sewing machine.


  • Easy handling - the post- bed makes it easier to work the seams of the trousers when assembled
  • While working in a standing position the bigger handling area optimizes freedom to pick work up and put it down
  • Efficient working with rest board, double sided guidance at the sewing foot as well as seam program
  • Seams are joined with effortless ease owing to unison feed
  • Special parts set (with sewing feets) for left/right
  • While working in a standing position the bigger handling area optimizes freedom to pick work up and put it down
  • Post bed enables easy handling and sewing
  • Expanded work area specifically for stand up operations
  • Seam transitions are mastered through alternating needle and upper transport
  • Exceptional stitch quality in visible areas
  • Machines have preset stitch lengths and manual adjustable presser foot stroke
  • Large passage under machine arm (345X290)
  • Bobbin winder with knife
  • Simple adjustment: Upper arm and head cover quickly removable
  • Adjustable foot pressure (manually)
  • Overload clutch
  • Electro-magnetic thread trimming, presser foot, and back tacking
  • Thread clamp
  • Switchable secondary thread tension
  • Adjustable foot height up to 9mm without stroke adjustment and automatic speed adaption
  • Presser foot clearance up to 20mm
  • Programmable operator panel near work area of operator (push button)
  • Integrated LED light
  • Oil level indicator with warning light next to panel

Scaled hand wheel: adjustment aid for technicians, needle height, thread lever, etc…


Overstitching side seams around the hip curve


Needle system: 134-35 R
Needle size: C 110 - 140 Nm
Max. sewing speeds: 2.600 s.p.m
Max. stitch length: 6,0 mm
Max.Top feed stroke: 9,0 mm
Max. Thread thickness: C 15/3
Stitch type: 301 (Lockstitch)
Clearance under the sewing foot: max. 20,0 mm
Clear workspace: 345 x 290 mm
Connection voltage: single-phase a.c. 230 V, 50/60 Hz

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