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medical mattresses

List of welding machines for the typical application area for medicine and health / medical mattresses

(alphabetical, machine classes ascending)

PFAFF 8310 -041/002  with sonotrode from top, Feed-off-the-arm version (from side)

PFAFF 8310 -041/002 with sonotrode from top, Feed-off-the-arm version (from side) 

Programmable ultrasonic welding machine with sonotrode from top, Feed-off-the-arm version (from side)

Typical field of application:
Filter tubes, supporting shells and pre filters, protection wear and similar articles (tubular)

PFAFF 8311

PFAFF 8311 


New Ultrasonic welding machine with continuous welding force monitoring

Typical field of application:
Technical section:
Filter bags, health care articles, medical mattresses and pillows, needle felts, operations sheets, foils, bullet proof vests, blinds and awnings, pleated filter, shower curtains, spacer fabrics, seat covers, MBR-modules and many more
Garment section:
Outdoor garment, tyvek protective clothing, bras, lingerie, medical garment & drapes, softshell a, sport garments, clean-room garments and many more
Automotiver section:
Vehicle interior and insulation item, protective car covers, sunshades and many more

PFAFF 8312 Long arm version  "1000 mm"

PFAFF 8312 Long arm version "1000 mm" 

Electronical flat-bed ultrasonic welding machine - long arm version "1000 mm"

Typical field of application:
Protective car covers, sound & insulation products, sun protection, hot air balloon, zeppelin, parachutes ...

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