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Filter pocket

List of welding machines for the typical application area for filtration / filter pocket

(alphabetical, machine classes ascending)

KL 980

KL 980 

Modular manufacturing system (ultrasonic) for filter bags

Typical field of application
Manufacture of single filter pockets out of synthetic material with constant or tapered pocket style as well as spacer out of non-woven material. The filter pockets are used for air filtration (in different filtration classes)

PFAFF 8311

PFAFF 8311 


New Ultrasonic welding machine with continuous welding force monitoring

Typical field of application:
Technical section:
Filter bags, health care articles, medical mattresses and pillows, needle felts, operations sheets, foils, bullet proof vests, blinds and awnings, pleated filter, shower curtains, spacer fabrics, seat covers, MBR-modules and many more
Garment section:
Outdoor garment, tyvek protective clothing, bras, lingerie, medical garment & drapes, softshell a, sport garments, clean-room garments and many more
Automotiver section:
Vehicle interior and insulation item, protective car covers, sunshades and many more

PFAFF 8312 Long arm version  "1000 mm"

PFAFF 8312 Long arm version "1000 mm" 

Electronical flat-bed ultrasonic welding machine - long arm version "1000 mm"

Typical field of application:
Protective car covers, sound & insulation products, sun protection, hot air balloon, zeppelin, parachutes ...

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