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PFAFF 8311

New Ultrasonic welding machine with continuous welding force monitoring
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With the new 8311, PFAFF INDUSTRIAL introduces  a new generation of ultrasonic welding machines. With more than 30 years experience in rotary ultrasonic welding, the engineers at PFAFF have successfully developed this process even further. In addition to the regulation of speed and welding energy, the new 8311 allows the force measured during welding to be measured and kept constant - a true world first and a quantum leap in textile ultrasonic welding. Adjusting and handling the machine becomes much easier. The process becomes clearer, more reproducible and easier to understand. In short, the machine is taken to a new level.


  • Unrivaled attribute: Continuous welding force monitoring!
  • ALL welding parameter are measured and regulated “speed, energy AND force”
  • Innovative dual roller system: Cutting wheel can be activated by motor
  • New: Versatile platform for various options:
    - motorized puller
    - simple parallel puller
    - lighting from above and below (for lower ply visualization)
    - seam cooling device (from above and below)
    - cross mark laser for precise start position
  • Smart functions: Seam end detection, ply detection (e.g. cross seams)
  • New touch screen (simple handling with user-friendly icons)
  • All proven features of existing ultrasonic machines are included in the new machine concept
  • Option: motor-driven puller


Technical section:
Filter bags, health care articles, medical mattresses and pillows, needle felts, operations sheets, foils, bullet proof vests, blinds and awnings, pleated filter, shower curtains, spacer fabrics, seat covers, MBR-modules and many more
Garment section:
Outdoor garment, tyvek protective clothing, bras, lingerie, medical garment & drapes, softshell a, sport garments, clean-room garments and many more
Automotiver section:
Vehicle interior and insulation item, protective car covers, sunshades and many more



PFAFF 8311-005/001:  Welding and cutting in ONE operation (Cut & Seal) with one wheel (steel sonotrode).  A minimum seam width (micro seam) at high firmness is the key benefit of this solution. The flat seam ensures a high wearing comfort. With that single-wheel solution, the tightest radii and curves can be welded effortlessly. In addition, the microseam can be taped with a taping machine PFAFF 8303 or PFAFF 8330 (depending on the application)



PFAFF 8311-105/001:  Welding and cutting in ONE operation. This double-wheel solution (C&S DUAL)features two anvil wheels (one for cutting and sealing and the other one to realize the second weld seam) on one post, but on separate shafts. With this unique solution the load may be individually adjusted – the two wheels are still running in sync. The machine may be adjusted better and more specifically to the material at hand and increases the process reliability when welding and cutting to weld seams. The minimum distance between weld seam an cutting is around 1 mm. The key feature of this version - the cutting wheel can be switched on and off via the touch control panel.


New: Longarm version (1,000 mm) of the PFAFF 8311

8311 longarm


Sealing speed: 0.5 to 10 m/min. option to 20m/min.
Seam width: 1,0 to 10,0 mm
Ultrasonic frequency: 35 KHZ
Connection voltage: single-phase a.c. 230 V, 50/60 Hz

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