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PFAFF 4508

Filter sleeve system featuring hot-air and ultrasonic welding units for liquid filtration
Filtration / Filtration


  • Max. process reliability due to fully automatic production
  • High production speed with consistent high quality
  • Easy loading of the filter material dispenser
  • Process reliable unwinding of the raw material
  • Precisely controlled folding and feeding
  • Diameter of the tubes: 60 - 300 mm (further on request)
  • Intuitive touch screen to generate filter sleeve programs,
    … number of pieces, welding speed, etc.

PFAFF 8320 hot-air welding machine to continuously weld longitudinal seams

  • Puller synchronous to the welding speed
  • Floating roller system
  • (Further) Puller clocked according to filter length, programmable via touch
  • High-speed industrial printer to label the filter sleeves

Ultrasonic welding unit to close and reinforce the filter bottom in V-formation or curved formation

  • Cut-to-length device: Programmed cutting (die cut). Filter length selectable on display
  • V-shaped or curved cut of the filter bottom
  • Automatic ejection of the filter sleeves into a collecting tray
  • The PFAFF 4508 filter sleeve system "Made in Germany" represents a high-performance customized solution for liquid filtration


Contact person for Welding - Customized Solution

Karl Herzer  -  Productmanager Welding Machines and Customized Solution
+49 6301 / 3205 2329+49 6301 / 3205 3171


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