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PFAFF 4507 Hot wedge or hot-air welding unit

Hot wedge or hot-air welding unit for welding filter tubes - tubes with length seams

Macro-economic theme like the reduction of industrial environmental pollution, the efficient and sustainable water treatment or the reduction of emission in the mobility section are core topics at the filter production.


  • Process reliability due to fully automatic production
  • High production speed (approx. 10m/min.)
  • Unwinding of material
  • Controlled guiding and folding
  • Continuous welding of length seams
  • Programmed cutting (die cut). Filter length selectable on display
  • Automatical ejecting of the tubes on a transport cart
  • Diameter of the tubes: 60 - 350 mm (further on request)
  • Marking via a printer



Filter tubes - Tubes with length seams

Contact person for Welding - Customized Solution

Karl Herzer  -  Productmanager Welding Machines and Customized Solution
+49 6301 / 3205 2329+49 6301 / 3205 3171

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