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KL FPS 300

High-speed manufacturing system (sewing) for filter bags
Filtertaschen / Filter pockets


The FPS 300 is a high-efficient, full-automatic production line with maximum degree of automation (driven by servo motors). The unit produces complete filter bags (for example for pocket filter cassettes for air filtration) at the highest quality level with a speed of 20 m/min (= 33 filter bags per minute at a length of 600 mm). Intelligent servo technology, individual adjustment options and needles with a diameter of only 1.6 mm characterize this modern production unit "Made by KSL". Feeding, sewing, sealing, closing of the side and bottom seam up to stacking of the finished filter bags in one line - controlled via PLC S7 and operated via a modern HMI panel.

 Unwind stacker / Infeed station

Unwind stacker / Infeed station

  • Robust construction for unwinding 4 rolls (option 6 rolls)
  • Max. roll diameter: 1,000 mm (option 1,500 mm)
  • Max. material width: 1,020 mm
  • Feeding is monitored by photocells
  • Infeed station with edge control for an exact and tension-free material feed
  • Edge control – possible for two or four or six layers
Multi-needle sewing station

Multi-needle sewing station

  • Stitch type 101: Single-thread chainstitch (predestinated for the use on production units)
  • Equipped with up to 12 needles working in parallel
  • Single needle margin: max. 70 mm, max. sewing width 770 mm
  • Stitch length: max. 40 mm
  • Thread feeding system to reach the requested stitch loosening between the two material layers (pneumatically adjustable in 3 levels)
  • Stitch loosening: 20 – 60 mm
  • Length of free stitch: up to 100 mm (free programmable)
  • Sewing speed: approx. 500 s.p.m.
  • All settings are reproducibly stored in the machine and product parameters
Hot-melt station

Hot-melt station

  • Fixing the single thread chainstitch seams and sealing the penetrated needle holes
  • Two independently operating glue stations with 12 heatable application nozzles, individually switchable in 8 glue heads as required
  • Electromotive height adjustment of the glue heads to the exact material thickness; reproducible by device control or product parameters
  • Automatic, sensor-controlled hot-melt feeding
  • Proportional glue supply adjustment (to material and speed) in automatic mode – adjustable on the control panel
  • Width of glue path 8 mm
  • Glue head distances can be individually adjusted in height
  • Material transport rollers can be adjusted electro-motorically to the individual material thickness
  • Free programmable hot melt interruption at the  (at the beginning and at the end of the pocket)
  • Blower unit for fast cooling of the hot glue application
  • To avoid thermal damages to the filter fabric during stop-mode, the glue heads lift is programmed
Side-seam sewing station

Side-seam sewing station

  • Movable Pegasus 4-thread  double needle overlock sewing machines (left/right) for manufacture of filter pockets with tapered or straight side seam (electro-motorically controlled, corresponding to the speed of the unit)
  • The side seam sewing machines are rotatable - for the production of filter pockets with radii on the side seam
  • Sewing speed: approx. 6,700 s.p.m.
  • Thread movement monitoring of the 4 threads
  • Material transport rollers can be adjusted electro-motorically in height to the individual material thickness
  • Synchronization of the material feed and the sewing speed of the sewing machines
  • The sewing contour (tapered style) is freely programmable and reproducible via parameters
  • Continuous edge trimming (right/left) by the knifes, integrated in the overlock sewing machines (= pocket width)

High Speed trimming system – flying

High Speed trimming system – flying

  • For cutting to length the manufactured endless woven webs of glass fiber and synthetic material (with and without pre-filter).
  • Cutting device with double knife blades as well as servo cross cutting drive
  • Cutting width: max. approx. 1,000 mm
  • Integrated fabric transport system synchronized with material feed of the sewing unit

Due to the newly developed, moving high-speed cutting system, meltblown material (WITHOUT pre-filter) can be cut to length without welding of the cutting edges

Double-bottom seam sewing station
Transfer device (to bottom-seam station)

Bottom-seam station with Pegasus Overlock machines

Double-bottom seam sewing station

Outfeed conveyor for a fast removal of the cut-to-length filter pockets from the cutting system area with feed to the double-bottom seam sewing station and the subsequent stacking device on both sides

 Sewing machine (Standard):

  • For efficient closing of the cut-to-length filter pockets at the bottom of the pocket with TWO transfer devices for feeding the filter pockets from the outfeed conveyor of the cutting system to the respective bottom seam sewing station
  • TWO right-hand Pegasus 4-thread overlock sewing machines with top feed
  • TWO thread guide control units for 4 threads
  • TWO transport belt systems for pocket feed through the overlock sewing machines
  • TWO electropneumatic warp scissors, integrated in overlock sewing machines

Double bottom seam:
Tapered double bottom seam, cut to the desired size of the pocket by the overlock machines of the bottom seam station (depending on the orientation of the b) to the right or to the left side of the machine.

 Stacker device

Stacker device (Option)

  • Discharge device (from double bottom seam sewing station) of the manufactured filter bags by means of gripping device for filter bags
  • Lowerable stacking device with stack height monitoring by means of a photocell or manufactured bag
  • stacks defined via preset number of bags
  • Conveyor belt with timing and limit switch

Further components

  • Compensator for continuous processing while changing the material
  • Unwinding system with roll lifting device for up to 4 material rolls
  • Inkjet printer for customer-specific imprinting in 12 mm or 24 mm print width during the production process (option)
  • Suction device for removal of cutting waste from the overlock machines at the side-seam station and at the bottom-seam station (Option)
  • Rewinding station for the production of roll material (option)
  • Corner cutting device at the pocket opening, integrated in side seam station (option)


  • Filter bags length: 300 – 1,000 mm
  • Processable material width: max. 1,020 mm
  • Processable material thickness: 2 x 10 mm (unpressed
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