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KL 224

CNC sewing unit with two movable sewing heads (left / right) for sewing modules on both sides of a fabric
Sonnenblende / sun visorVerdunklungsrollo / blackout blind


  • High-efficient machine with highest process reliability and seam quality for the use in multi-shift operation
  • Semi automated processes ensure a high output (only inserting and removing is done by hand)
  • The material is securely clamped and held in a template (fixed with hold-down clamps). This ensures a smooth, wrinkle-free sewing result
  • Line laser for precise positioning
  • CNC-controlled feeding of the material to the left and right-hand sewing machines
  • Automated feeding oft he perforated plate or plastic tape
  • Adjustable cutting tapes at the start of the seam (stored in the program)
  • Photo cell control at the beginning of the seam
  • Simultaneous, synchronous sewing of both sides with two-needle lockstitch
  • Maximum seam security through start and end bartacks
  • Needle thread break monitor with error message
  • Thread monitor and module sensors control the entire sewing process and guarantee high process reliability
  • Bobbin thread monitoring via stitch counter
  • The sewing units are equipped with large hooks, reliable thread trimmers and an alternating top feed and needle feed. This type of feeding ensures maximum pulling power.
  • The entire system is CNC controlled and is operated via a modern touch panel
  • Two-hand safety operation concept according to DIN standard


  • Needle gauge: max. 8 mm
  • Blind length: 700 mm - 2.100 mm
  • Blind width: 450 mm - 1.100 mm

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