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KL 421

CNC-controlled laying unit (taping) for attaching heating conductors (tubes or cables) on mesh fabrics
Heizsystem / Heating system


  • Components:
    - Unwinding station for cable/tube
    - Cable/tube dispenser
    - Unwinding station for fabric
    - Sewing unit
    - Winding station for the finished product

  • Sophisticated and highly efficient system for this complex operation process
  • Fully automatic, autonomous cable/tube laying and taping (also two-sided). Only the change at the unwinding and winding station is done manually.
  • Cables/tubes are fixed with a tape. Max. 5 tape feeds from above and below (distances are freely selectable)
  • The unit ensures a laying on mesh fabric with max. 1.000 mm width
  • High-performance PC HMI with large number of service functions and freely definable user level
  • For maintenance and error analysis, the HMI can be controlled remotely from a PC, laptop or smart device (using TeamViewer® as standard)
  • Planning and implementation of the machine „ready to production“ based on customer requirements.



Laying speed: approx. 20 m/min. (Amplitude: 960 mm)
Distance between the cables/tubes: from 60 mm free selectable
Max. cable/tube diameter: 8 mm

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