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KL 300 / 301

CNC-controlled sewing unit with stationary or rotating sewing head
Transportgurt / Transportation belt
CNC-Nähanlage (Nähmaschine stationär, Nähguthalter in X- u. Y-Richtung verfahrbar) / CNC-Sewing Unit (sewing machine stationary, template X- and Y-axis driven)


  • KL 300: Stationary sewing head selectable: PFAFF 3590, M-Type, H-Type
  • KL 301: 360° rotating KSL head with alternating double transport for perfect seam results in the multi-directional sewing process
  • Intermittent feed (feed stop when needle enters material)
  • Switchable needle feed (on/off)  for continuous sewing with the highest seam quality (nur KL 301)
  • Sewing head, pneumatically liftable (75 mm) for direct access to any seam position
  • XL hook (26 mm) or XXL hook (32 mm)
  • Excellent sewing properties due to vertical hook system
  • Thread tension, manually adjustable
  • Lower thread monitoring by stitch counter
  • Electro-magnetical thread cutter for upper and lower thread
  • Mobile electro-mechanical lower thread winder (can be positioned freely)
  • The touch screen operator panel ensures intuitive operation and features a modern and clear layout. The seam may be monitored in real time on the screen
  • The automatic detection of the material clamp for added process reliability
  • The sewing area is protected by a light-barrier (CE compliant)
  • Pneumatic sewing foot height adjustment (two-stage)
  • Clamping device for the fixation of the sewing template in the sewing area


  • 2-needle double-lockstitch version (only KL 301)
  • 1- or 2-needle chainstitch version
  • Second thread tension can be pneumatically activated via program
  • Upper thread clamping device for a neat seam start
  • Continuous thread tension (via  proportional valve)
  • Free-programmable upper thread tension with tension gauge
  • Electronical thread tension monitoring
  • Upper- and lower thread monitor via sensor (The machine stops, when the thread tension decreases)
  • Fully-overlapped working method due to two feeding table (left/ right)
  • Customized interchangeable frame (s)
  • Electronical height adjustment of the sewing foot
  • Thread burner
  • Pneumatiic needle cooler
  • Various options available to upgrade the machine (RFID sensor, barcode scanner etc.)
  • VISION SYSTEM with one camera (only KL 301)


Sewing speed: 2.800 s.p.m. (depending on sewing head)
Stitch length: max. 12 mm (depending on sewing head)

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