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KL 170

CNC-controlled sewing unit for silicone applications onto airbag fabric


  • Versions:
    - KL 170 (single set-up): for prototyping
    - KL 170 (double set-up): for series production with overlapped working method
  • Positioning of the cuts with loading aids in the table as well as fixation with vacuum suction unit in the table and the lid
  • Reproducible constant height of the silicone application is guaranteed by servo-motorically movable distance height adjustment
  • Operation field in sizes from 600 x 600 mm up to 3,500 x 800 mm
  • Liftable and movable silicone applicator for direct path programming
  • Free-programmable measurable dosage unit for even silicone application, suitable for 2-component silicones
  • Vacuum system for exact positioning of both material layers
  • Height of the silicone application with servo-motorically movable distance height adjustment
  • Automatic monitoring of airbag material loading
  • Reproducibility of the silicone application with gear pump
  • Easy re-tooling of the vacuum station for other airbag models


  • Upon customer request
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