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KL 232

Mattress cover and cushion cover sewing system
Matratzen / Mattresses


  • Highly efficient manufacturing system (in modular design) tailored to the customer's specific application
  • Reliable processing of endless-fed materials
  • Material feed over up to 6 rolls of 320 mm each
  • Electronically controlled material discharger system adjustable to the relevant cover length
  • Cross-cutting device with circular blade, pneumatically driven
  • Material removal and transfer station
  • Powerful standard overlock sewing machine, extendable for maintenance work
  • The sewing machine head is equipped with automatic thread monitoring, automatic thread cutting device and material suction device
  • Stacker for finished mattress covers and cushion covers with extension unit
  • The sewing system is controlled completely using the Siemens S7 controller
  • Production and sewing system parameters are input using an intuitive operating panel


Max. sewing speed: up to 6,000 s.p.m. (depending on the cover or cushion)
Max. roll width: 2,000 mm

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