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KL 227

Mattress border sewing unit for inserting the zipper
Matratzen / Mattresses


  • High-efficient manufacture system, planned and realized for this special application
  • Elastic band tension d
  • Optimized feeding of the two tape (elastic tape tension control) and the automatic material guidance guarantee a reliable work flow
  • High-grade standard sewing head (multi-needle chainstitch)
  • Material feed works synchronously with the cutting knife. The knife pressure can be adjusted pneumatically
  • The position of the zipper can be easily adjusted to the operation process
  • The automatic edge detection and edge alignment ensure continuous sewing at high speeds of up to 3,000 s.p.m.
  • The thread tension control ensures flat and distortion-free seams
  • Automatic unwinder and winder
  • Automatic thread breakage detector


  • Processing of removable zipper
  • Covered zipper
  • Tape binding of the cutting edges
  • Cut to the length device


Max. border width: 500 mm
Max. zipper width: 32 mm
Production speed: up tp 10 m / min.

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