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Feb 15, 2018 "Special sewing applications at the TIRE TECHNOLOGY trade show"

20.-22.02.2018 in Hannover

head_tirecord.jpgFor the first time ever, PFAFF INDUSTRIAL and KSL will be present at the TIRE TECHNOLOGY trade show in Hannover from February 20, thru February 22, 2018. Both brands will showcase three special applications which are only used in tire production. Producing tires is a very complex process. Each layer and part disappears under a rubber mixture during the vulcanization. The tire cord is one of the most important components and ensures that the tire stays in shape even under enormous pressure. The requirements for processing textile materials and the manufacturing machines are equally high. Therefore, the manufacturers count on sewing technology by PFAFF INDUSTRIAL and KSL who specialize in tire cord applications using specific customized solutions. In Hanover PFAFF INDUSTRIAL and KSL will present the following products:

KL 624H
10-needle-arm down customized machine (heavy-duty version) to sew light transport bands as well as tire cord fabric and dipped liners in a straight line.

PFAFF 4509
1-needle-double lockstitch zigzag high-speed seamer with lower transport to stitch up twisted threads for the tire cord industry.

10-needle flatbed machine to connect the end of a reel with the beginning of a reel of transport band fabric and tire cord.

You will find the booth of PFAFF INDUSTRIAL and KSL in Hall 20, booth-no. 3316.
We are looking forward to your visit!

For further information in the trade show, visit:

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