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Jun 03, 2018 "Functional zigzag seams on shoes"

PFAFF 910/930

The PFAFF 910/930 mechanical zigzag-series offers the broadest range of applications of its kind. Where electronic zigzag solutions reach their limits (difficult or heavy materials), the PFAFF-machine shows its strengths. Customers appreciate the smooth, low-vibration run even at top speed. The series’ top speed reaches 6,000 stitches per minute which no one else in the industry achieves. Thanks to lower thread tension values and a perfect transport behavior with minimal sewing foot pressure, the machines yield a perfect seam. Material displacement is prevented by optimum needle bar kinematics. The pendulum movement stops as the needle enters the material. In addition to the standard bottom feed, the machines are also offered with bottom and adjustable top feed as well as differential bottom feed, so that every customer can find the machine that is just right for his job.

The PFAFF 918, a machine with drop feed and large hook, is the predestinated work equipment for the shoe industry. The most common application for shoes is the heel seam, which is a key operation for classic shoes (flat shoes or booties) as well as sport shoes. Even the popular knitted sport shoes are still being sewn with a zig-zag, to close the heel seam. Here are 2 specialized machines customers may choose from:


PFAFF 918-49/01
For edge on edge sewing (2 pieces placed together) on flat material. As U-version, a switching to 2-stitch- or 3-stitch zigzag is possible.




PFAFF 918-47/12
For overedging the edges of tubular material (i.e. women’s boots). The machine is equipped with a specialized foot with thread drawing finger.

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