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Jul 01. 2023 Live production of automotive leather parts on ISA 2023

Jul 01. 2023  Live production of automotive leather parts on ISA 2023

Live production of automotive leather \parts on ISA 2023


We would like to invite you to the ISA 2023 house exhibition in the premises of RING Maschinenbau GmbH. Together with 10 other exhibitors we will show you leather and textile processing solutions for the fields of "automotive interiors and leather goods".

The highlight of ISA 2023 is the live production of automotive interior parts with the work steps "perforating, laminating, punching/cutting and sewing or embroidering/stitching".

For the sewing step a CNC sewing unit KL 311 with 360°rotating sewing head and VISION SYSTEM is used. The VISION SYSTEM uniquely ensures process-reliable seam sequences within predefined parameters. This makes it possible to sew between perforations with millimeter precision and to compensate for the resulting tolerances. This ensures quality and reduces waste to a minimum."

With the PFAFF 3590 (500 x 400 mm) a further CNC sewing unit will be shown. It is predestined for decorative and assembly seams on leather parts. The PFAFF 3590 is equipped with a special needle-bar turning device and a bobbin thread slide for an optimum stitch appearance to avoid loop stitches on highly decorative seam patterns with circular seam designs.




PFAFF INDUSTRIAL will be exhibiting the new PFAFF 5696 two-needle chainstitch post bed machine with an extremely narrow post (25 mm). The machine uses new, mirrored hooks that ensure an absolutely parallel stitch pattern (no saw-tooth look) - predestined for decorative seams in car interiors or leather goods.

Let us present you (away from the usual exhibition stress) the new solutions at ISA 2023. Opening hours are daily from 10:00 - 18:00 (Mondays from 13:00).

You are also welcome to make an appointment with us in advance. The team of PFAFF INDUSTRIAL and KSL is looking forward to your visit. Enclosed you will find the flyer for the event.




Download the flyer:


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