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Nov. 23, 2016 - "Seeing is believing – a success story"

PFAFF INDUSTRIAL – Youtube Channel

This week we were able to achieve two remarkable milestones with our PFAFF INDUSTRIAL Youtube-channel – surpassing the 700,000-mark for views of our videos and the 3,000th subscriber to our channel.
It is without a doubt the most successful video channel of the textile and leather processing industry. And the upward trend continues – just until October 2016 more than 325,000 people had watched the 144 product and company movies. The Youtube-channel has become an important marketing tool.


Unlike any other medium, a video quickly, easily and in a nutshell imparts the technical features, the functionality and the specific area of application of the machine to the viewer. We are confident that we will surpass the 1-million-view mark in mid-2017.

We thank you for such great interest.

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