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January 11, 2016 - "New Segment brochure for shoe manufacturing"

January 11, 2016 - "New Segment brochure for shoe manufacturing"

Shoe technology – Quality made visible

The shoe can be subjected to very high stresses. With every step, the seams of the shoe are exposed to extreme stresses in all manner of weather condi - tions. The shoe not only performs a protective function, however, but has also become an important fashion accessory for many wearers, one which conveys a certain “lifestyle”. The manufacturing of the shoe upper plays a key role here. Consciously used seam designs (e.g. coarse stitching, decorative stitching) give the shoe its unique and fashionable style. Accurate stitching and a clean stitch formation are signs of good quality. In order to achieve this, it requires high- quality, high-performance and reliable equipment in the production of the shoe uppers.

Segment Brochures Shoes

By partnering with DÜRKOPP ADLER, PFAFF INDUSTRIAL and KSL, these requirements are fulfilled in a unique way. These three brands, which have been united under the umbrella of ShangGong Europe Holding since 2013, have a great innovative capacity, unparalleled technical expertise and many years of experience. Together, we are now a virtually “full-range” provider of solutions for connecting and sealing leather and technical textiles in a wide range of shoes. The product range extends from simple machines for small workshops, to electronic high-tech machines, through to CNC technology and welding technology. Of course, it is also possible to work together in planning and implementing your specific solutions. Be inspired by our innovative capacity as a technological leader in the textile and leather-processing industry.

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