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April 14, 2016 - NEW "ECO-FLEX style kit"

...flexible and cost-efficient concept for style kits for automatic jeans pocket setter PFAFF 3588


Eco-Flex is an advanced style kit concept for pocket styles T-04 and T-06, consisting of a universal U-plate (one-time purchase) and new seam-configuration-related style kits.

Universal U-plate: no. 95-300 420-70
New style kit:        no. 95-300 450-70

With Eco-Flex only the style kit will have to be exchanged when the size changes or there are follow-up orders. The conversion can be done easily and without any additional tools; the costs for the conversion will drop significantly, because only the style kit will have to be exchanged.

Eco-Flex may be ordered both for existing and new PFAFF 3588 jeans machines (T-04 and T-06). The existing style kits (no. 95-300 250-70) will continue to be available.

Video-Download "ECO-FLEX"
(Download 158 MB)


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