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21.01.2016 - NEW Jeans-Brochures

21.01.2016 - NEW Jeans-Brochures

JEANS - Growth potential of a Classic

Jeans are timeless – however, their production has for decades been subject to a highly dynamic environment. The growth potential for this product (mainly jeans) is still strong. Around the world more than 4,5 billion pairs of jeans are being sold each year. Until 2020 the market will experience further significant growth. A positive growth development is expected on all continents – in Asia, the most populous continent, the highest growth rates are anticipated. A modified market situation that becomes increasingly similar to western consumer indicates that the demand for medium and high-priced jeans will rise.


Throughout the entire textile industry the demand is increasing for automated solutions which ensure good and consistent quality with high-performance (output). This requirement for automated production will further intensify due to limited resources and rising wages in the current production countries. The jeans industry offers a huge potential for investment.

Using the unique know-how within the Shanggong Group and an extremely strong sales organization with partners in virtually all countries, we want to sustainably grow the jeans segment under the auspices of PFAFF Industrial. In the mid-term we want to become the leaders both in terms of technology and market share with new and capable products.

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