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Production & Praxis

With the Production & Praxis publications we are providing you with special section brochures, in which we describe standard work steps for the industrial and economic production of jackets, trousers, shoes, car seats, etc. The work operations are always based on up-to-date equipment and an approximate standard time (in minutes) is named for each operation.


PP Sakko

Production & Praxis  "Sakko/Jacket"
(Download 5,4 MB)

PP Hose

Production & Praxis  "Hose/Trouser"
(Download 1,8 MB)

PP Schuhe

Production & Praxis  "Schuhe/Shoe"
(Download 5 MB)

PP Auto

Production & Praxis  "Autositze/Car Seats"
(Download 12,5 MB)

Production & Praxis  "Kampfanzug/Battle dress"
(Download 11,5 MB)

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