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PFAFF 8323 Long arm version

Hot-air welding machine for continuous seam welding
Filtration / Filtration
Freiarm / Cylinder armBandschweißmaschine / Hot-air tape welding machineBandabschneider / Tape-cutterSD-Card Leser / SD-Card readerTouchscreen / Touchscreen

PFAFF 8323
With the PFAFF 8323 sealing sequences can be programmed, i.e. depending on the cutting and the fabric any parameters can be entered for any given segment and reproduced with 100% accuracy.
An absolute innovation from PFAFF!


  • Long arm version 968 mm
  • Traditional taping combined with the possibility of direct welding
  • Touch-control-panel P1 with integrated SD card reader and USB slot. The P1 guarantees an intuitive operation


  • Different user accounts protected by password (e.g. : fixed parameters by operators)
  • Programmable segments
  • Automatic monitoring and constant of all programmed parameters
  • Variable post system (Freearm, feed-off the arm and arm with post)
  • Rollers with up to 50mm
  • Exact reproducible nozzle-settings possible through cross-slide
  • Programs and parameters can be transferred to other machines
  • Nozzle position is maintained to material for cross-stitching (seam bulge)
  • Tape cutter up to 25 mm
  • Software update via download possible


  • Tape cutter up to 30 mm
  • Monitoring of heat temperature by two thermocouples



For high technical application (e.g. filter tubes)
PFAFF 8323 Detail


Sealing temperature: max. 650 °C
Sealing speed: max. 10 m/min (standard), option up to 20 m/min available
Width of nozzles: 10 - 50 mm (others available)
Power input: approx. 3500 W
Heating capacity: approx. 3300 W
Connection voltage: single-phase a.c. 230 V, 50/60 Hz

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