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KL 220

10-needle sewing unit for sewing straight seams
Reifencord / Tire Cord


  • Sturdy steel portal for take-up of the cross sewing head
  • Linear guiding system with tooth belt drive for cross travel of the mechanically divided cross sewing head
  • Less product waste (on both ends of the role), because the machine can be integrated into the material flow
  • Min. material width: 600 mm, max. material width: 2,000 mm (up to 3,600 mm on request)
  • Pneumatic presser foot lift (automatically)
  • Thread withdrawal device for tension free and twist-free withdrawal of the sewing threads
  • Tension- and puckering free processing of polyamide, polyester and viscose fabric
  • Materials are stacked in min. 2 layers
  • Separating unit for chain threads (hot cutting unit)
  • Liftable material clamping at the right of the cross sewing head to fix the material during the sewing process
  • Stationary needle holders, left and right of the sewing head, to stretch and fix the material
  • Lifting unit to lift the material out of both needle holders
  • Photocell monitoring for recognition of the beginning and the end of the material
  • New: Integrated security system


Max. sewing speed: 1.000 s.p.m.
Max. stitch length: 12 mm
Needle gauge: 9 mm (10 needles)
Max. needle size: 180 Nm

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