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KL 201

Sewing unit to close the outer seam at round airbags with constant inner diameters


  • Sewing work station in compact design ensures maximum process reliability and repeat accuracy
  • High seam quality and stitch reliability
  • Standard sewing head (double lock stitch or double chain stitch)
  • Easy exchange of the material fixation
  • Integrated material withdrawal device
  • Touch-Screen panel to enter all relevant product parameters
  • Automatic, pneumatic thread separator (hot wire)
  • The machines are planned individually with the customers and implemented in their production


  • High-speed loading table for overlapped working procedure. Allows to load the next airbag during the ongoing sewing process
  • Automatic unloading device for overlapped working procedure.
  • Immediately after the sewing process the finished airbag is removed from the operation area and placed onto a table
  • Integration of safety relevant monitoring systems, such as monitoring of stitch length and positioning various thread separating units, depending on customer demands
  • Integration of top and/or bottom tape feeding for seam reinforcement with tape cutter and tape advance


Max. sewing speed: 3,000 s.p.m.
Diameter of the sewing field: 400 mm up to 1.000 mm
Seam diameter: min. 550 mm, max. 850 mm

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