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PFAFF 3511

Automatic sewing unit for run-stitching and cutting small parts in one step

PFAFF 3511


  • Constant high seam quality with the use of jigs
  • Simple operation, short training times
  • Simple change to another size or a different article
  • Free seam programming directly on the machine
  • Overlapping production method with the use of sequence control unit
  • High output owing to the overlapped work method with the use of two sewing jigs
  • S3 control panel with integrated data reader (SD-card) for importing sewing programs or machine software


  • Application of fullness
  • Double sewing jig for standard flaps, shoulder flaps and cuffs


For simultaneous run-stitching and trimming small parts such as flaps, waistband extensions, shoulder flaps, cuffs etc.


Needle system: 134 KK
Needle size: 80 - 100 Nm
Max. sewing speeds: 3.000 s.p.m
Max. stitch length: 3,5 mm
Cuttingdistance: 3,5 oder 5,0 mm
Stitch type: 301 (Lockstitch)
Output in 8h: 1.600 flaps
Connection voltage: single-phase a.c. 230 V, 50/60 Hz

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