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A sewing unit for fish heads


We are quite used to solving unusual problems, but we were nevertheless somewhat taken aback by an enquiry from Iceland: “Can you also sew fish heads together?”

The background: In the fishing industry, fish are already filleted on the trawlers. What remains are heads and bones, which have until now been joined together manually with a needle and thread, hung over special frames and air-dried. Now 14,000 fish heads are to be sewn together by machine every day.

Since the “sewing patterns” – 20 kg of fish heads – arrived in Germany several days late, we had to carry out our tests with the windows wide open. We were able to offer the right system which sewed chain stitches with a strong thread and a special needle to accurately pierce the cheekbones of the fish. Our client was delighted. Unfortunately this solution was never realised, as the reduction in fishing quotas meant that no order was placed.

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