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February 03, 2016 - Unique expertise in shoe manufacturing

PFAFF Industrial, Dürkopp Adler and KSL at the SIMAC trade fair in Milan

The second SIMAC trade fair will this year take place in Milan from 23 to 25 February 2016. The first trade fair in 2015 proved to be a great success and attracted many international visitors. This is reason enough for PFAFF INDUSTRIAL with KSL and Dürkopp Adler, along with the joint Italian representative DAP ITALIA, to present themselves to the trade public as a strong unit.
SIMAC 2016
The joint appearance goes by the motto of “Together for you”. This motto was first adopted at the TEXPROCESS 2015 trade fair, where the companies first appeared together as a collective unit. The benefits to customers of this setup are obvious – as a single entity (all companies/brands belong to the Shanggong Europe Group), it can respond more quickly to the demands of the market. Together means greater expertise and greater capacities in development, production and market cultivation. The customer can get everything from ONE SOURCE – no matter whether it is standard sewing technology, fully automated sewing technology or welding technology.

together for you
At the SIMAC trade fair, PFAFF INDUSTRIAL will present the mechanical shoe post-bed model 591 as well as the two electronic shoe post-bed models 1591 and 1574s, which enable the operation with a differential feed (and needle feed with the 1591) during the sewing process. An integrated sewing workplace 3811 for pre-gathering work and a CNC large-area automated sewing machine 3590 will also be showcased at stand B10/A09 in hall 14. The operation “fancy seams on sports shoes” will be demonstrated on the automatic machine over a sewing area of 500 x 400 mm. With the 8303i, PFAFF INDUSTRIAL presents a new taping machine for programmed seam sealing. The process reliability and reproducibility of the 8303i have been significantly increased. The use of the differential feed ensures the customer receives the highest seam quality. The 8303i offers an increase in productivity of up to 20% compared with other taping machines.

At the SIMAC trade fair, Dürkopp Adler will present the 888-356122-M – a machine with a left post-bed and cut underlining from below. The exhibited 888-460522-M is a double-needle post-bed machine with switchable needle bars for precise and parallel seams, also in corners and curves. Other products to be showcased by Dürkopp Adler include a zig-zag post-bed machine 525i with a post-bed height of 190 mm and an 887-363522-M single-needle flat-bed machine with pneumatic switchable edge trimming device for perfect stub seams from a cutting distance of 1.3 mm. The 878-1 (single needle) and the 878-2 (double needle), which will be exhibited in Milan, are two machines from a new range with stepping motor-driven roller presser and wheel feed. Both products are perfectly suitable for applying fullness in the leather area.

At the SIMAC trade fair, KSL will present an ultra-modern robotic sewing system (robot + CNC system 911 from Dürkopp Adler). A robotic arm takes leather parts from a magazine and places them on a camera programming tool edge-perfect into the sewing system. If the optical sensors detect that the leather part is incorrectly placed, it is automatically corrected. This sewing prototype from KSL creates new fully automated application options for shoe and leather manufacturers, which can be discussed at the trade fair in constructive customer meetings. The range of products on show – from standard through to robotic technology – highlights the expertise of the three brands and underlines their technological leadership in the area of shoes and leather.

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