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Disposable face masks -- Made in Germany

PFAFF INDUSTRIAL, manufacturer of industrial sewing and welding machines (located in Kaiserslautern), has set up a production facility for high-quality disposable face masks. Production in Germany has many advantages - short transport routes, no middlemen, no dependence on foreign suppliers/producers. The following mask type can be purchased by commercial customers (industry, trade, public institutions):


foto1_mig.jpgDisposable face masks made of 3-ply fleece material
To reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria when exhaling, speaking. This mask is not a medical item.
• High quality non-woven fabric (with ultra-fine fibers) / latex-free
• 3-ply, flexible, odorless and comfortable to wear
• Good fit and excellent ventilation.
• Low breathing resistance
• Elastic ear straps for comfortable wearing 


 Quantity selection:

500 Masks (minimum order)

1.000 Masks

6.000 or more Masks

Graduation (100),
0,54 EUR/Mask
Graduation (100),
0,49 EUR/Mask
Graduation (1000),
0,45 EUR/Mask

(The prices are net prices plus statutory VAT and shipping costs. The masks are packed in packs of 10 pcs.)

Order form (only B2B)

Order form for the mandatory order of disposable face masks. After receipt of the order, you will receive an order confirmation from our sales department with information about the terms of payment and shipping.

Disposable face masks (No. 94-500 001-91)

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Stay healthy – Yours PFAFF Industriesysteme und Maschinen GmbH

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